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September - Nearly Autumn!

I love this time of year so much. We've had a brilliant Summer - just like the summers we remember from childhood and it's lovely to know they're not mythical - we still get them! Sunshine, warmth, enough rain to keep everything lush - and then the recent Indian Summer. Just perfect really. I've picked loads and loads of blackberries and with help of the first proper crop from a young cooking apple tree called Lord Derby I've enough blackberry and apple in the freezer to remind me of the wonderful harvest right through the Winter.

My sister Penny and I had a great trip to Majorca earlier this month and as well as being in and out of the water like seals every day we did quite a bit of painting. The colours - bright and very Mediterranean are now affecting my new work as you'll see if you look at my current eBay listings.

I'm just off to deliver a large canvas and smaller painting to a local buyer and then will get back to a new Wild Flower Meadow painting this afternoon.

I'm beginning to get the urge to write again . . . not sure what yet - maybe another non-fiction book or perhaps a novel. I've just finished Blanche by a favourite writer of mine, John Moat, and was captivated by the lyricism of it - the story and characters still haunt me (in a good way!) Inspiration is like oxygen - we need it . . . and when it flows it's like drinking in the clear, beautiful air . . .

Also inspired by a great interviewer yesterday - Mari Frank in California - for her radio show. We talked about Forgiveness (because of my book How to Forgive and Move On ) for half an hour - I was quite nervous beforehand but much enjoyed it once we got going and it felt like a minute or two it went so quickly. Here's the link Mari Frank Interview with Jenny if you'd like to listen.

Other that, life here is lovely and quiet - just ambling along happily, literally and metaphorically!

I hope you're enjoying our warm September too.

Love and light, Jenny

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