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Autumn and the Magic of Paint

The rain and wind have taken most of the golden, russet and red leaves down – but the last ones up are all the more beautiful for that – shining against the darks of the forest and hedgerows.

It’s of my favourite times of the year but there aren’t many hours to catch the daylight for painting so each minute is all the more precious. And then as the light fades it feels as though I have permission (as though I need it – but the work ethic is deeply entrenched!) to light the fire and read, or meditate before the moon and stars come out to tell me I can completely relax now and watch something good on television (and what a wealth of choice there is).

A glass of red wine maybe, cat and dog stretched out by the fire or more like on the sofa with me - what’s not to like?

But lots of my collectors don’t like the short days and tell me my brightly coloured paintings are all the better for that with their reminder that the seasons will soon turn again and beckon-in the Spring.

The paintings sometimes seem to me magical in other ways too. Catching sight of one is a vibration of pleasure, or a soul moment – a feeling of uplift, or of connection with the artist on the same wavelength or even a connection with another dimension?

Somehow, we simply resonate with a painting or other artwork that we love.

Apart from loving the colours and the way the paint flows and leads me, that’s why I paint – connection with others and the hope that the painting will – somehow, somewhere – catch someone’s eye and give them pleasure too.

This week a painting is winging its way to North America. Amazing – across the oceans we have connected and danced for a moment on the same vibration of happiness. I hope they will treasure the painting when they receive it for real and that it will give them, and anyone who happens to see it and love it, ongoing pleasure.

For me, that’s what art is all about.

And when I get tired or if it’s quiet on the painting front I think of all my lovely collectors like you, and the happiness painting gives me too, and carry on.

It occurred to me the other day that I may not make my target of matching Picasso’s 8000 output as the years fly by and there’s only so much time to paint, but I’ve sold around 2000 now and if I count in all the ones that didn’t make it or which somehow didn’t please me so I’ve painted over them, I could be halfway there. Then I read that Bob Ross painted 40,000. Gosh. But the vast majority of them lie in storage, and many are triplicates as he’d paint two practise ones for each demonstration. I would give away my paintings rather than have them rest for ever in the dark. Well – people tell me I do give them away at my prices and ask why I don’t charge thousands and the answer is simple – I want to paint to my heart’s content, as prolifically as I like, and for them to live in the light and be appreciated. Thanks be to the World Wide Web! Talking of which, I watched the Richard Dimbleby lecture by a pioneer of the web – Sir Tim Berners-Lee – fascinating and inspiring – it’s on iPlayer now

So if you love one of my paintings ( and search Jenny Hare Paintings and and can’t do the price, don’t hesitate to make an offer. It’s wonderful of course when someone can afford the full price (I need to live!) but what’s important to me is that a painting helps towards its cost and goes to a home where it will be appreciated and give ongoing happiness.

Vibration. Mystery. The joy of art.

With love and light and a big thank you for your support.


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