The Wonder of Inspiration and New Learning

Isn’t it wonderful how we sometimes come across something that makes our hearts sing?

Doesn’t matter at all if it leaves others cold - it’s an individual response. Could be a one in a million moment.

I crave that surge of excitement and warmth from an inspiration. Sometimes it inspires me to paint or write or dance. (Not that you’d want to see me dancing 😊 suffice it to say that it makes my very young relatives fall about laughing.) Sometimes it’s quickly passing, sometimes it lights up the whole day.

It’s a big part of why I love painting as it’s so good to know that people who like my work get that same surge of pleasure when they look at a painting of mine they love. Sometimes it’s a one-off experience. Just the same for me of course – I’ll look at other artists’ paintings online or in a gallery and out of all the hundreds of paintings there’ll – if I’m lucky – be just one that does it for me. There are only a handful of artists whose work I love pretty much universally.

This is why the revolution in displaying and selling art online is so amazingly brilliant. We can browse to our hearts’ content and sometimes get that thrill of joy.

Better than any chemical drug – worlds better in fact as there’s no let-down, no hangover – just a wonderful experience in the moment followed by enduring memories.

Colour is an example of the magic. Certain colours and colour combinations flood me with happiness and make me itch to paint. I suppose in a way it is a chemical drug in its own right as I understand that when we get this feeling of resonating pleasure it’s because it releases oxytocin, one of the feel good chemicals and may cause a serotonin reaction too. All good healthwise.

But why it works, unless you’re a scientist, doesn’t really matter. It’s how we feel – and it’s one of the easiest, best ways to brighten not just a moment in a day, but our whole life.

Choose paintings and fabrics we love for our homes, for instance, and we feel uplifted and cradled with love whenever we’re there and we notice them.

The subject matter can do the same thing, as can an artist’s individual style, and for many one or other or both is their personal key.

Music too. The other day I was blown away – and into a wonderful painting session – by the music I was listening to – I mentioned it in a tweet and an artist friend emailed me to recommend another of the artist’s albums and she spoke eloquently of another aspect of this amazing resonance that lifts us up and encourages us to paint in an enchantment of wonder and love . . . and colour!

More of this another time – I started writing about it last evening but it’s quite a subject.

New paintings

Oh – and I wanted to tell you about the amazing teaching I’ve recently had with the great artist David Tress. He got me painting in a new palette and way. I’ve listed a few of my latest on eBay – easiest way is to go to and search Jenny Hare Paintings. I’ll write again when two of the large ones are ready to list at I just so love learning and he was a generous, intuitive teacher – the best. I’ll still paint my flowers and meadows in my beloved bright, zinging palettes – but so good to use a different spectrum for some paintings too!

I’d love to hear whether you like them – and also about the things that inspire you and make your heart sing?

With love and light


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