Me and My Muses

I’m totally exhausted after finishing a new wild flower meadow painting – a big canvas this time. I adore painting flowers - it’s just joyous – but with a multi-layered painting it takes my all – mind, body (it’s actually quite physical moving around a large canvas) and soul too for my heart and spirit are always there. But I have huge support – I often feel Monet is with me – peering over my shoulder, sometimes advising, always cheering me on because he loved the flowers too, so much. And if Picasso’s in a good mood he may here too – he chuckles because he knows I’m aware that I’ve got some to go if I’m to get anyway near his lifetime’s output of around 80,000 artworks!! “Quite honestly

Begin it now

This morning I’ve been looking at work by Picasso and Klee and my heart and spirit is dancing up and down with pleasure. The colours, the forms and, somehow, the love that must have gone into their work. My agent says she can’t think of a way to ‘package’ (new publisher speak) my idea for a book called What is Art? - the one that’s been growing and growing in my Tweets. (I’m up to 165 now and have another 50 or so in waiting and they keep coming.) But that’s fine – if it’s not a book it’s a lot of enjoyment for me and some of those who read them and thought-provoking too . . . Here’s one for today by Paul Klee: “A drawing is just a line that goes for a walk.” Yes, yes, yes. And isn’t – l

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