The courage to change

Deciding ‘it’s not about the money’ (sorry to harp on, but I love that song!) has been a wonderful catalyst. I’ve been getting back to my painting roots and I’ve been painting purely for the love of the paint and colour and letting spontaneity and serendipity guide me. Yesterday for instance, I was looking at a colourful big abstract background and wondered where it was going – should I work on it, develop it? or was it finished already? And suddenly I saw the horses – one blue, one silver, walking in on the left. Then of course there was a quandary - do I risk painting them in – making them ‘real’ but, if it didn’t work out, perhaps spoiling the existing painting? Change is always a r

February and Fair!

February so far has been a delight - it's just bliss to be basking in dry and often sunny weather and with thoughts of Spring not far off now, I've been painting flowers and meadows to my heart's delight. The animals too of course and just now I'm working by request on a new painting in my The City Never Sleeps series which I'll hopefully list later today. I was thinking about painting when I woke this morning, and wrote this: Art is a path, a way, a life A part of me An energy that gives me zest Belief and hope . . . The courage to be true. I do it too, for you; For when another shares the joy, The sparkle of the paint, the love, The feeling is enriched . . . Another aspect of the bliss. Wi

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