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Sun, Snow, Frozen Water – and the Joy of Paint

Snow gone – hurrah!

Before the blizzard set in last week, I wrote that I’d had the loveliest time. I’d got back from an advanced driving session which though the observer (I’m not supposed to call her a teacher but that is what she undoubtedly is as I’m learning so much from her) feeling energised – as you always do from learning and practising new understanding and techniques - but brain tired as at my advanced age trying to assimilate change in something I learned from my dad and driving instructor a few too many decades ago is decidedly not easy. But she was pleased with me today on my fourth lesson and said I’d improved a lot. So – good!

Back home again I thought – it being a fabulous sunny/blue sky day – I’d take a break from painting and relax, sitting in the conservatory, reading the new Artists and Illustrators and drinking coffee.

Well – I fiddled on the computer and drank coffee and then went to make another and stop by as planned in my favourite swing chair, but the canvases I was working on grabbed me and pulled me back. I tell you honestly – that was how it felt. “Paint” they said.

OK, I said, I’ll just do a bit to each of you. When I’d almost finished the small one I worked some more on the new great big meter square one. (Finished now and pictured here). Both wild flower meadows and very bright and happy and a mixture of impressionist and abstract (I had Picasso and Matisse giving me advice as they often do) and both are giving me the wow factor – that magic transition when suddenly the canvas sings to me. Not that it means they’re finished – there are the small last touches to make on the 20” x 16” before it’s ready to list, and the big one will probably take another day. But with one almost there and the other beginning to speak and glow, I’m a very happy person. (Update, both finished now: the meter square one on Hare and the smaller ones (more on the way – new listings most weeks) are on – just go there and search Jenny Hare Paintings and my current listings will come up.

Now – as you can see – I’m continuing the energy flow here in words. A collector and friend asked why I didn’t blog more often and I knew why – I don’t want to irritate people by overdoing it. “But Jenny,” he said, “People only read your blog if they want to – others will simply not click on it or if they don’t want to hear from you at all unsubscribe from your mailing list. Write every week. Remember, before you got obsessed with painting writing was your career – you know you can do it and lots of people love to read about your painting and your life and thoughts too.”

Good point. And I have been thinking of doing more.

So if you’re still with me, a heartfelt welcome, all my good wishes for you and I hope that the sun is shining where you are too and the snow cleared. (Or that it’s a star spun, moonlit night if that’s when you’re reading this). We escaped the worst of it here. But it was biting cold and my water supply froze for a couple of days and I was bucketing water from my neighbours’ house three fields away to make sure I had plenty for the house and ponies. But all well again now and I hope with you too.

Do write if you feel like it – I love to hear from you – and that also goes for those who come across my blog on my website – huge welcome again to you as well.

If not for you and your encouragement and love I might have gone a different route, lived another life now I’m older, but here I am painting with amazing help and inspiration from Matisse, Picasso and co. – Van Gogh stopped by a few weeks ago and said I need to free up on the sunflower front but keep at it – and while – like the advanced driving – it saps my energy hugely, when I’m in flow on the painting front and the magic starts to happen it’s the best uplift in the world and I hope with all my heart that comes through and touches your life with a moment of joy when one of my paintings catches your eye and makes you smile too.

With love and light


Ps: Picasso goaded me today – “If you have any chance of matching my output of paintings” (over 8000 he reminded me as if I didn’t know) you need to paint more. Time doesn’t stand still. No. He’s right – gosh – that’s about another 6600 to go . . . .

Hey, he started a lot earlier than me . . . but I’m trying hard!

Pps: As Bob Dylan wrote in Shelter from the Storm: ‘Try imagining a place where it's always safe and warm’ – Yes!

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