What is Art?

Why shouldn't art be pretty? There are enough unpleasant things in the world. (Pierre-Auguste Renoir) When I was at art school I was fascinated with the whole question "What is Art?" The tutors weren't interested in exploring it. They wanted each of us to find our own answers in our own art and then develop, change, mutate. Fair enough. We learned a lot. We grew a lot. But I still love to think about the meaning of art. Seems to me it's different things to each of us. But for many - and for me - it's about a beauty that we somehow, mysteriously, relate to. It's when we look at a painting and it sings to us. It has a wonderful power to uplift us and, often, that moment of magic has a positi

First blog of my updated website

I've finally got round to updating my website to HTML - with huge help - or rather her doing it and me making inane comments in an effort to be helpful! - from my wonderful sister! It means that those who access the internet on their tablets and smartphones will now be able to see the whole site for the first time. Anyway - this is my first blog in the new site so it's going to be very brief, just to see if it's working. More later so please re-visit this page in a few days. Welcome to the new site.

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