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Books by Jenny Hare

Unlock Your Creativity

I've poured all my enthusiasm about the natural creativity we all have into this book. It's full of  the advice and tips for unlocking it and letting it flow that have helped me over the years. Thanks to all my inspirers and teachers and I hope that readers of this book will be encouraged and guided as I've been.

Feel the joy - it's just so wonderful!

Think Love

There are so many different kinds of love and they really do light up our lives and our world.


Think Sex

So many relationships are basically great but one way or another missing out physically. This book helps couples find or rediscover the joy of love-making in all its sensual pleasure.

Ask 1000 Questions about Love & Relationships

Every love and relationship aspect is individual and has its own solution - these are just 1000 of them! A chunky good-read giftbook to dip into whenever you need inspiration and/or are looking for answers.

Everyday Happy

Inspiring, uplifting, easy to read tips and advice to use in your life to invite happiness in every single day.

Free Your Life From Fear

Discover the gifts you have at your disposal to manage fear. A unique way to activate your innate ability to get fears and worry into perspective and stop them stressing you out. Cognitive, sensible and sometimes mystical too!


Simple Steps to Positive Living

When we remember to think positively it transforms our mood, being and, often, the whole situation for the better.

But often, of course, it's not so easy - or even seems downright impossible.

This book, again, is everything I've learned about the miracle of positivity. Just thinking of the positive vibe excites me and makes me go 'Yes - it's there for us all.' It truly is and it's one of the greatest blessings of life.

How to Forgive and Move On

Forgiveness makes an extraordinarily positive difference to our personal peace and, often, to the people we’re with and our interaction with them. The influence may, we might think, be subtle and limited to the immediate situation. But like everything we do it may have a wider reaching impact. Like any thing we do or say, the effect may ripple out from person to person and affect circumstances in ever growing circles.

Mango the Marmalade Cat

Eleanor Nesbitt, an old school friend, wrote some wonderfully quirky animal rhymes and when she asked me to illustrate them I was delighted. The giftbook is proving hugely popular and makes a great little present.

Moonlight Escape

In this novel for children, two girls help a herd of horses escape slaughter. But where will they find a safe home?

They decide to head for the Welsh hills where Noola, the Welsh cob, was born.

"We'll find it somehow," said Sadie.

An exciting story about hope, courage, determination and horse whispering.

A Piece of Sky, Dancing

A novel about deep but often buried emotions. It's the story of a triangle, the hurt it wreaked and the way the survivor and the next generation help unravel the threads of how it happened and seek to make sense of it and find peace.


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