Oh wow – how serendipitous is that?

Oh wow – how serendipitous is that? After posting my admittedly slightly defensive blog this morning as I was eating scrambled eggs for lunch (ones from neighbours’ happy hens) I read this in the wise and wonderfully funny book about mid-life without the crisis “A Shed of One’s Own” by Marcus Berkmann: “Great writers and artists think less of their status or their fame as they age, and immerse themselves in the creative process.” Yes! Hurrah! And now I’m going to immerse myself in the joy of painting for the afternoon. Watch my listings! (I’m tempted as ever to add a happy face – but I’m told that’s becoming a passe, middle-aged thing - oh boy – what the hell :-) xx Jenny

Why I Paint

People often ask me why I paint and why I sell my paintings at such good prices. So many reasons! I paint because I love to have paintings around me and on my walls that give me pleasure. It may be a quiet kind of warm familiarity and love. It may be a leap of joy. Always it’s about having colours and impressions that make me feel good. And the whole process of painting fascinates and obsesses me too. The feel of the paint – so varied depending on what I’m using and how I’ve mixed it and of course how I’m applying it. I use all kinds of different brushes and palette knives and often my fingers too. It’s so exciting seeing how it takes shape on the canvas or paper. I could write lots about t

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