We are all Warriors!

As an artist, as a human being, as a woman I am a warrior in spirit. Many of us have learned to be. I had no idea as a small child that I would need to be – until I was bullied at school (once and thankfully only briefly by two girls who courageously later apologised and in a more subtle but equally intimidating non-physical way by many of the teachers – and that went on right through my school days). Right from the start I realised that whatever happened I had an inner strength that belied physical or teacher/pupil weakness and that no one – not even the nastiest or crossest person in the whole world - could touch. It’s partly about soul and spirit. It’s also about the power that flows thro

How long does it take?

People often ask me how long a painting took to paint? Unless I’ve just completed it I often can’t actually remember - I paint and sell so many. That’s not to say I ‘churn them out’. I work hard, intensely, nearly every day – it’s not always easy. I’m obsessed. Driven. I love it. I want to do it. Over and over. I love remembering the fact that Picasso completed over 8000 artworks in his lifetime. I haven’t counted exactly how many paintings I’ve finished and sold but know it’s over a 1000, most of those in the last three years since I’ve been painting full time and selling online. Only another 7000 to go!! But seriously, while I may or may not ever match Picasso’s output, each painting I’m

Serendipity Rocks

Well into July now and no sign of hay making weather just yet. The upside of this is that the lushness of the meadows is wonderful inspiration for my wild meadow paintings. And the hedgerows – the ones that thankfully haven’t been cut yet – are sublime too. If you live in town and haven’t enjoyed them yet do, if you possibly have the chance, head out into the countryside to enjoy them while they last. The lanes and even the main roads here are flanked with a stunning mixture of cow parsley, angelica, clover, daisies, meadowsweet , still some late foxgloves and just coming out the rosebay willowherb and many more . . . So much to paint, so little time . . . but I do my best – I’m painting and

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