Everything Blossoming - including the grass!

New paintings available at www.eBay.co.uk (when you get there just search Jenny Hare Paintings) and directly on these links at www.Artfinder.com/JennyHare and www.Saatchiart.com/JennyHare There’s a lovely selection The month of May has been full of pleasures and promise. Perfect weather really with plenty of sunshine and some rain and quietly calm cloudy days in between. As a result the grass is vibrant and plentiful – so much so that now I’ve only three ponies here I’m very glad that my neighbours’ sheep oblige by coming in to help out keeping it well trimmed so none of the horses get laminitis (lameness caused by too much rich grass). I love to see them and am struck by how perceptive a

The art and heart of life . . .

Thoughts in the moment to share with you . . . A collector emailed to say that though their house has no more space for any more of my paintings, he always looks forward to seeing my latest work online. It gave me a lovely fillip of inspiration to know that just to look at my new paintings gives others pleasure. And as I was looking out at the spring landscape with all its sparkles of glowing light in the morning sunshine, and the horse chestnut resplendent with titanium buff candles, it reminded me how blessed we are to live in this astonishingly beautiful world and to have that reflected within ourselves and our lives. The word ‘Mindfulness’ is getting to be a bit of an annoying cliché

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