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The wonder of the energy of creativity and art

I love the thought that when we love a painting - or book, piece of music or any creative offering - there is somehow an exchange of joy that resonates and shines.

It's mysterious and full of wonder.

The other day just after waking up I had a vision of creativity shining - a light that shone and glowed and sparkled, bright as a star or subtle as an aura around the moon, but intense and very real. I felt so happy to see it manifesting visually in my mind like this.

Whether we are artists or lovers of art, or both, we are of course all aware of our creativity as a vital part of us, and I’ve often felt that it’s a unique energy or dimension, but it hadn’t occurred to me before that it might be an energy you can actually see rather than just feel. It made me think how exciting it must have been for those who first switched on an electric light and realised they were actually seeing for themselves the power of electricity they'd heard about.

You may think I was just having a dream - but I wasn't, I was very awake.

Will we ever be able to tap into our creativity in a similar way as we can electricity? I rather hope not, for it would take the mystery and wonder away and seems to me that’s part of its being and magic and thus intrinsically part of creative flow.

For now it resonates and sparkles between us unregulated, un-sciencetized (is that a word?)

And it is a source of pleasure that's unlike anything else, and open to all of us.

A very special energy that warms us, heart, soul and mind and makes our spirits sing.

Bless you for liking my work - or some of it - and I hope that every so often one of my paintings shines and shimmers especially for you.

With love and light


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