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Everything Blossoming - including the grass!

New paintings available at (when you get there just search Jenny Hare Paintings) and directly on these links at and

There’s a lovely selection

The month of May has been full of pleasures and promise.

Perfect weather really with plenty of sunshine and some rain and quietly calm cloudy days in between. As a result the grass is vibrant and plentiful – so much so that now I’ve only three ponies here I’m very glad that my neighbours’ sheep oblige by coming in to help out keeping it well trimmed so none of the horses get laminitis (lameness caused by too much rich grass). I love to see them and am struck by how perceptive and intelligent they are. I’ve just sold a little painting of two ewes and their lambs in the orchard and feel some more sheep paintings coming on . . . . J

My painting has been flowing and I’m so pleased that I decided long since not to do the usual art thing of painting only in one particular way and often only one subject or theme. I do of course have subjects I especially love – wild flower meadows and gardens, woodland, the coast and animals with horses, hares, cows and deer so often inhabiting my paintings! And then there are my dramatic The City Never Sleeps paintings (I have a new one in progress). But I find it inspiring and exciting to paint something different if it catches my eye, and also abstracts, and as for style – well somehow although I paint as the painting wants me to, all my buyers and collectors say my work is unmistakably Jenny Hare.

To be honest, being a Gemini, I’d get bored if I always painted the same thing in the same style. And look at our great painters – especially the Impressionists (with a capital I) who loved painting whatever was in front of them be it city, garden, house, domestic scene, people, landscape, water lilies, etc. etc.

Yes, like me, they had favourites they’d come back to over and over again, but they embraced variety with passion and so do I, a 21st Century impressionist as obsessed as them by the wonder of our amazing world and the joy of painting it!

And oh it’s so good to be able to sell online and reach out to people across the UK and all around the world and not have the stress of exclusively showing my work in galleries. I love the direct contact with my buyers and collectors that the internet makes possible and the sense of connection.

I still get flak from other artists and art ‘experts’ who think I’m daft to sell at such affordable prices, (they even think my prices of the big or more abstract ones on Artfinder and Saatchi are way to low!!) but as you know I believe in real paint and original art for everyone. How good it feels to have real original paintings with every mark and brush stroke made by the artist. For you. It’s very special.

I’m painting full-time to keep up with the demand and there are some lovely new paintings available - see the links up above at the beginning.

Do have a look – there’s a lovely new huge Poppy meadow painting on Artfinder. The last big poppy painting listed there sold a few days ago and I missed seeing it so much on my wall I couldn’t rest until I’d finished a wonderful new painting to take its place! And on eBay I add new paintings to my listings two or three times a week so do check in and have a look now and then.

I hope you enjoy them and I hope you’re enjoying the Spring/Summer!

With love and light, Jenny

PS. If you’ve a thought on what Art means to you I’d love to hear as my What is Art series of thoughts on Twitter is nearly up to 400 now and counting . . . contact me

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