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A collector emailed to say that though their house has no more space for any more of my paintings, he always looks forward to seeing my latest work online.

It gave me a lovely fillip of inspiration to know that just to look at my new paintings gives others pleasure.

And as I was looking out at the spring landscape with all its sparkles of glowing light in the morning sunshine, and the horse chestnut resplendent with titanium buff candles, it reminded me how blessed we are to live in this astonishingly beautiful world and to have that reflected within ourselves and our lives.

The word ‘Mindfulness’ is getting to be a bit of an annoying cliché just now I know – but oh it’s so true that if we just take even a few nano seconds to be aware of the goodness and beauty around us (it’s always there, somehow, somewhere even if in darkest times we have to reach out, search, to sense it) it grounds and calms us – and gives us a sense of connection not just to the moment and what’s going on, but often spiritually or deep inside our own hearts too.

Yes – I live in a beautiful part of the world and outside there’s always something amazing to see or hear – but even if we’re confined to a bed or chair, it’s still possible. Could be through a thought or memory of your own or a friend, carer or someone on the radio, could be or in a book or something you see – through a window, in a park, on television or a clip on the computer.

Always always always – let’s take the moment and make it ours to connect with the innate beauty or understanding.

I’m on a painting high this Spring – just loving it. You can find my very large or more unusual work at and ,

and to see my 20” x 16” canvases and some paintings on paper visit and search for Jenny Hare paintings.

Or follow the link to the one here and then click on my other listings

I’m planning to write my blog more frequently rather than let the months go by and if you'd like to receive it direct into your email inbox just let me know contact Jenny

With love and light


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