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Serendipity Rocks

Well into July now and no sign of hay making weather just yet. The upside of this is that the lushness of the meadows is wonderful inspiration for my wild meadow paintings. And the hedgerows – the ones that thankfully haven’t been cut yet – are sublime too. If you live in town and haven’t enjoyed them yet do, if you possibly have the chance, head out into the countryside to enjoy them while they last. The lanes and even the main roads here are flanked with a stunning mixture of cow parsley, angelica, clover, daisies, meadowsweet , still some late foxgloves and just coming out the rosebay willowherb and many more . . .

So much to paint, so little time . . . but I do my best – I’m painting and painting at the moment. Online sales have gone quiet this last couple of weeks so I’ve managed to get some new ones ready after an amazing first six months of the year. And I’ve just spent a few days working on a huge wild flower meadow canvas in golds, peaches and pinks for a wedding present for my nephew and his bride. I always find commissions a bit daunting but once I’m brave enough to start – as with this one – I usually soon get into flow. This one I finished in a glorious surge of euphoria as suddenly the multi-layers of grasses and flowers and hills and sky in the background sang together in a harmony that somehow just vibrates with love and happiness.

It’s funny how life goes up and down, sometimes twists back on itself or curves round in a circle and then goes forward again, maybe in a way you didn’t expect. And you try to remember to stay present in the moment and see everything it offers – to go with the flow gracefully and as much as possible gratefully and say Yes to life and know that – as Julian of Norwich said – all is well and all will be well. Even if we’re unsure of the path, it’s there under our feet and we always have a choice of the way ahead – the one well- or less- travelled? Listen, maybe wait a while – the right way forward will come to mind.

I read a fantastic book last month – The Philosopher and the Wolf by Mark Rowlands. It moved me and taught me and gave me a reassurance that my life is as it should be and I am right to be happy with my wonderful pack of animal friends, including of course my very own wolf, and to keep the faith in my painting and feel the joy.

So thank you Mark Rowlands – the wedding gift commission I’m so pleased with had a lot to do with you.

Isn’t it great when art of some kind, be it a book, music, science (can science be art? – oh yes!) – whatever it is that you love and feel in flow with, comes into your life just when you need it. Serendipity.

Yes. Serendipity - like real paint - rocks!

With love and light, Jenny

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