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The Flow of Life

Isn't it amazing how, after a long, mostly wet Winter, a little sunshine lights up not just our gardens and the landscape but our whole outlook? You can almost feel the happiness of the birds at the same time as you hear their new Spring's Coming songs. You can almost see the grass beginning to grow again. You can sense what feels like a seismic, quantum shift in the earth - in a good way! - as the season gets ready to change.

I give thanks for our seasons with every part of my being. There is joy in every time of the year of course, but most of all in this magical time of the year when Winter begins to give way to Spring and you just can't help but rejoice along with the birds.


I'd like to say that as this new life force flows all around us, so the paint flows - and it does - but actually it does all year round. Certainly though, the excitement of sensing all the signs that herald the new season, catches my breath and my brushes and I'm having a wonderful happy time painting the energy.

The flow.

The wonder.

I hope you've some sunshine where you are - or will have very soon - and that you love the sense of flow and joy too.

With love and light,


p.s. The starling that arrived on the bird table very poorly a couple of weeks ago is there now looking sleek and well and resplendent still in her striking Winter plumage. Hope she isn't fearful of Winter slipping back into the cold and wet! But at least, for now, it feels like Spring and even if it's just a respite, we know that Spring will come before too long . . .

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