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Summer Magic

Aren’t paintings and music amazing?

A friend and fellow artist emailed me a beautiful new painting that made me tingle – I could just feel the magic of the flowers as though they were there, shining in the sun, growing right in front of me.

They became the first line of a poem that wrote itself (with just a little inexpert help from me).

I wanted an unusual rhyme for daisies and although Google didn’t really help it did point me in the direction of a Bob Dylan song I didn’t know called Winterlude. Three clicks later and the song was playing on YouTube and the lyrics were on the screen. Just lovely, and although it didn’t give me an unusual rhyme it did give me a line – though I swapped grasshoppers for locusts for geographical reasons! Here’s my poem:


Hollyhocks, foxgloves, delphiniums and daisies

Summer light, sun shiny, lazy hazy summer day

Blue sky no clouds – buzzard rides the thermals high

Birds and grasshoppers singing for me, heaven mine.

Hollyhocks, foxgloves, delphiniums, daisies

They too soak up the light, the warmth - love life;

Summer days are blessings tender, early May to gold September.

Sparkling, dancing, just enchanting. Like the flowers,

Breathe it in; Relax, enjoy, in sweet surrender.

Then I played two also new to me favourites of the week – Devendra Banhart’s Little Yellow Spider and Baby and sang and danced!

So thank you modern technology. And thank you Frances for your amazing painting and Bob and Devendra for the music. All magical.

I’ve been painting all week as I had several commissions in June and now the last (huge) one has been delivered it’s been fun letting the paint free to do its own thing again!

Many Summer blessings to you all,


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