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When my great niece was due and her name-to-be much deliberated, I suggested to my niece she call her Bambelina Ballerina but for some mysterious reason she said "don't be silly Aunty Jenny" so it became instead the official name of Bambi (my horse) which she (Bambi) is very pleased with.

My sister Penny has just emailed me with new details of our family tree and I love the names of our newly discovered ancestors, in particular Eliza Angelina (b.1860) and I wonder if Eliza Angelina has glimpsed through the dimensions and knows that the name of my horse rhymes with hers? I expect so and she is glad too with the symmetry and serendipity of it.

It's somehow strangely inspiring isn't it - hearing the names of people from long ago who had the same genes as us? It makes me want to paint and write poetry and celebrate the course and pattern and wonder of life . . . and it makes me wonder what they were like and what their stories were.

And in particular I’m wondering if Eliza Angelina was an artist like my sister Penny, our father and me. I expect so and hope that somewhere, somehow she has a paintbrush or palette knife in hand and is creating paintings that make her heart sing as much as much as mine do me!

Happy day – the wind is easing and the sun breaking through and I’ve been working on two new canvases – one flowers and the other a hare and I hope that Eliza can see them.

With love and light, Jenny

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