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My favourite month!

Every month is lovely of course - we are so luck to have our glorious ever changing seasons.

But May is perhaps the most enchanting of all as, often so suddenly, everything starts coming out. This week the apple trees have blossomed, the beautiful broom is resplendent - Walter, my dear friend from Rhulen days, gave it to me as a house-warming present when I moved here five years ago as it was pink. No longer- it's reverted to it's natural blazing gold and it makes my heart sing whenever I catch sight of it - it's like a celebration of the sunshine that's currently blessing us. The grass has sprung into action too and the ponies have been doing their best to keep it mowed but today my neighbouring farmer is coming to harrow the hay meadows for next winter's feed, so they have just moved into their summer quarters. The bluebells are still to come in all their full wonder. There are a few here and there, but the bluebell banks of the dingle are still holding back because, I guess, of the cold nights. A joy still to come . . .

It all inspires my painting. And as well as the flowers which I just can't stop painting, I've been mesmerised by the ballet and the wonderful movement, forms and curves after a day of concentration with a fabulous ballerina dancing and modelling for us . . .

Ah - painting - it's just magical. And it occurred to me this morning that when people who love my paintings say to me, as they so often do, "Oh I wish I could paint like you - you are so lucky to be artistic - I'm not at all" actually they ARE artistic. You are artistic. How do I know? Because anyone who loves real paintings, and sometimes responds with joy to one, has that magic inside them. You are artistic if you have a love of art and the ability to resonate with it and feel the wonder and the happiness of a painting.

And so whether you are a painter or an appreciator and collector - I wish you the wonder and love of paint. And I wish you the contentment and warmth and wonder of the gardens, parks and countryside as they - well - spring into the Spring and Summer!

With love and light, Jenny

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