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The courage to change

Deciding ‘it’s not about the money’ (sorry to harp on, but I love that song!) has been a wonderful catalyst. I’ve been getting back to my painting roots and I’ve been painting purely for the love of the paint and colour and letting spontaneity and serendipity guide me.

Yesterday for instance, I was looking at a colourful big abstract background and wondered where it was going – should I work on it, develop it? or was it finished already? And suddenly I saw the horses – one blue, one silver, walking in on the left. Then of course there was a quandary - do I risk painting them in – making them ‘real’ but, if it didn’t work out, perhaps spoiling the existing painting?

Change is always a risk – but hey paintings would all be pretty boring if none of us took that leap of faith. I decided on making the change, but played safe by photographing the painting and then playing with it digitally on the computer first. I could soon see that as the horses, even with my clumsy mouse strokes, came to life suddenly the whole picture did too.

It gave me the confidence to go back to the painting and plunge in for real - with real paint. And there they were – lovely creatures with personality and that look of love – for life and each other – shining in their eyes!

See what you think – here’s the link -

Whilst painting I enjoyed some lovely music. I’ve been trying to remember who sang a great song on television I meant to get recently. Not even Google could solve the puzzle. So I listened to Radio One and bingo – pretty soon not the song but the voice came up – “That’s him – yey!” In case you’d like it too, he’s George Ezra and the song I was taken with is Budapest -

Also today I came upon a Queen song I’d never heard before – “Love of My Life” and am now enchanted with. Freddie Mercury of course was amazing and I also listened to Brian May singing it very well too – and oh he’s a fantastic guitar player – I hadn’t realised before quite how good he is. Here’s Brian playing for Freddie and then Brian singing it

I am full of thanks - For the music. For the painting. For this life.

Wishing you blessings for yours too, Jenny

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