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Mid-October 2014

I want to write something today. I feel it in my bones, my soul, my being.

What I really want to write is universal but personal

Remote but accessible

Tidy, chaotic

Muse speaking, words flowing

A river of light.

I look out at the mid October trees in all their glory

Sap still flowing, greens still glowing,

Yellow ochre taking over

Golds and russet, reds in waiting.

No sun to gild – and yet they shine

Irridescent in the mist. Sublime.

A grand soft day in autumn time.

Good. That’s better. I haven’t written poems lately and I love to. I haven’t painted autumn colours in a while either . . . guess I’ll have a go today and see if I can do this justice . . .

with love and light, Jenny

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