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11th August 2014

Our lovely summer is having a slight hiccup with the unsettled weather blowing in from the West - but the sunshine is still bright and warm in between showers. The blackberries - zillions of them this year - are starting to ripen and on our walk this morning Tiptoe and my neighbour's dog Rosie were both oh-so-delicately picking them off the bushes, wary of the prickles but eager for the burst of sweet tartness. Walking with a dog(s) is the best 'upper' possible. They are so pleased to be out and about and their energy and happiness boundless. Even if there's something worrying me or I just happen to feel a bit down or purgy (Good Radnorshire word taught me by my old friend Walter that means a bit grumpy and/or out of sorts) it's hard to stay that way - you just get infected and infused by their enthusiasm for life.

Painting is a bit the same for an artist. The feel of the paint, the look of the colours and the way pictures appear out of the paint as though by magic - all this conspires to lift your spirits. Even if the painting doesn't work out - it happens to all of us! - you've been in the zone - in flow - however you like to describe that feeling when you're at one with what you're doing and in time with the universe - somehow, someway.

I hope that comes through in my work. Not all the money in the world could be as good as the feeling when someone has an accord with one of my paintings. To know they give happiness, good cheer or awaken a pleasurable memory - or in any good way resonate and lift the spirits - that is a special joy to me.

And modern technology has made it possible for me to offer my paintings throughout the UK and beyond around the world. Amazing. I was thinking yesterday how my Dad would have loved the universal contact - the ideas, information, knowledge, communication. And how Mum would have loved window shopping for and bidding on the paintings and designer clothes she fell for. If only . . . . ah . . . . if only . . .

Packing up paintings for the courier and other chores all done, I will paint now, for them, and for love, and for my lovely collectors - and for anyone who reads these words and thinks of their loved ones, past and present, and all who like my paintings.

Thank you for your inspiration.

Love and light, Jenny

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